Baltimore’s a little slow this week (but I’ll have a Thanksgiving events post next week)

But you guys have been sending me gems (and questions) all week so I’ve compiled:

Responses to Baltimore & OkCupid:

alt-dad1985 answered: one time i went on a date with a guy and he ran away from me at the end. this isn’t a joke.

jesuiskrystal said: Awful! I quit after 2 weeks because all of the guys seemed sketch.

cawlie answered: Met my current boyfriend on OKC.

yellowdecorations answered: i’ve gone on ~15 first dates, only one lead to a second. and that second lead to ~2 month thing and we’re still friends now!


Responses to Bad Date Story:

simplyscott said: What a dick!

Also, got this wonderful Worst Date Submission from lessonslearnedfrombridgesburned, who I must point out is rather attractive 😉

Met a girl out a few times.  She was pretty.  Funny.  Smart.  We hit it off. We ended up in bed together. She started talking dirty, to which I mentally replied “Yeah, whatever gets you going.  This is cool.” Then she reached up, slapped me across the face, and said “You’re a fucking faggot.”

I just… What? My mind said things like: “IF YOU LOOK DOWN, THERE IS ACTUAL PROOF TO THE CONTRARY.” “HOW ELSE DO I PROVE THAT I’M ACTUALLY NOT?!” “You keep using that word; I don’t think it means what you think it means.”

What I actually said was “um,” and continued at my task… Needless to say, we did not go on any more dates.


Responses to Really scientific poll: How often do you go on dates with someone you just started seeing?:

bro-n-raptor answered: Rarely.

digupherb0n3s said: When my bf and I first started talking we went on like 2 dates and then hung out with friends almost every day. And then on a couple of double dates. All this was for about 2 weeks, and then we became official.

The general consensus was somewhere between these two extremes…

Anyway, keep the questions/submissions coming?


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