What Is Charmed & Dangerous?

This is a dating blog. This blog is not about MY dating life. This is about dating in general and dating in Baltimore, to be precise. Not only for singles but for anyone looking for fun ideas in Baltimore.

Due to a can-do attitude & subscriptions to a few too many dating sites, I had the (un)fortunate ability to offer first hand experiences of what Baltimore dating in your twenties is like. Back in July 2013, it wasn’t uncommon for me to have a date 5 nights a week, but found that I enjoyed dating the city way more than I enjoyed dating the random guys I met at bars and online. That’s why I decided to start this blog.

Though I’m no longer single (and post a bit less often), I’m still in love with Baltimore and want to share my “expertise” and ridiculous stories with anyone willing to listen.

Email me at hey@charmed-and-dangerous.com

How Does This Site Work?

  • Well, the blog posts pretty straight-forward. They’re pretty much anything not talking about just one event & often are commentary on a dating phenomenon in Baltimore.
  • Events are a bit more complicated. Unless they say presented by Charmed & Dangerous, they’re simply what I think are some of the best/interest date-friendly events coming up in the area, often accompanied by some of my own colored commentary.
  • The Dating Guide is a step-by-step manual on starting to dating with Baltimore-specific advice sprinkled in.
  • Tour The Neighborhood is where to eat, drink and play in different Baltimore neighborhoods. It’s also a perfect all day date planner.