Hi, I’ve been following your Tumblr and Twitter and I was talking with a friend. We both agree you should be making money from this. Not like, taking money and then recommending a place, but some kind of compensation for sure. Do you forward your pieces to the businesses you write about? Also, have you considered contacting local publications (maybe What Weekly or City Paper) to get a weekly or monthly publishing deal? Alternatively, a print guide to Baltimore for singles… Happy New Year!

Well, thank you very much! I don’t contact the businesses, though obviously I tag them on Twitter.

I’m not concerned with making money i just really needed a hobby, to be honest. Plus, I needed something to show for all these dates I go on (since clearly, I’m still single). I imagine being obligated to do the writing would take away some of the fun but I do have a marketing & journalism background.

I am looking to throw some singles events in the area, which could eventually generate some money. But mostly, I really just want to find someone so I can disable my OkCupid page. Everything else beyond that is an added perk.

Again, thanks so much for the compliment 🙂 and if anyone wants to hire me, though, I’m down!

Happy New Year!


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