Say you meet someone out on Friday or Saturday night and you have enough restraint to not go home with them that night (or hey even if you did), the brunch date is an easy follow up! Hopefully you exchanged numbers and/or can stand the sight of the person in the morning. Roll out of bed around 10 or 11 and shoot the “Hey, wanna get brunch?” text. Most likely they’ll need the sustenance (and the bloody marys) to recover from the previous night.

The best part of the brunch date is if it goes well you’ve got the whole day ahead of you and if it sucks… well, you’ve got the whole day ahead of you without them and enough time to squeeze in an early afternoon nap.

Here are two pretty comprehensive lists
(avoid Blue Moon and Miss Shirley’s if you don’t lines):

A few of my favorites missing from these lists:


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