What’s It About?

Though I’m passing on it this year, last year I attend Baltimore Magazine’s Best of Baltimore Party. In my opinion, it was a glorified networking event rather than a true showcase of the best this city has to offer. Boring business casual was the norm rather than the exception, but hopefully this year the Speakeasy theme can liven it up. 

Bring A Date?

The food is great, the music is… meh, the drinks are free. As for the company, if you’re into the Fed Hill scene (no judgement), this is a great place for a date, even a first date if you’re both very social. Unfortunately, it’s pushing $100 a ticket so here’s to hoping you get enough rail drinks to cover that bill for you and your date.

I’d suggest getting there early, get the food samples, order drinks while you still can then grab a seat by the window upstairs and get to know each other until one convinces the other to dance (or to go somewhere better).

Find A Date?

If you’re going in search of a date, head to the dance floor around 8:30. That was the sweet spot between awkward middle school dance and sloppy wedding reception. Grab someone and dance to a Third Eye Blind cover.

If you’re more the low key type, get there early and chat with the people running the booths before they get too busy to still be in a good mood. It’s easy to strike up a conversation about whatever they’re giving out and you’ll meet people looking to grab samples all at the same time.


Great date if you work for T. Rowe Price (or an equivalent) and can’t score an invite to the exclusive (and free) City Paper Party instead.


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