I once tried to attend an outdoor film for a first date. This turned out terribly. I learned some vital information that is applicable to outdoor films, outdoor concerts & outdoor theatre as well.

Bring A Date?

Plan who will be bringing snacks, food, drinks, and the blanket (don’t forget bug spray!). That person should be the person that lives within walking distance of the event because these items are too bulky for most other modes of transport. This also makes it convenient to drop those things back off at home if you plan to go out after. If it goes well, the date should pay for drinks or froyo after.

The date should either also be within walking distance, biking or public transit distance. Unless you can get to one of these events very early, parking is nearly out of the question and leads to immense frustration for all those involved. 

You don’t want to talk too much through a movie or performance so it may not be a great first date but you will have more flexibility there than with a traditional movie.

Find A Date?

Gather together a bunch of friends and arrive at least a half hour before the film starts. Sit next to the group of people that are having the most fun and ask if they want to share snacks. Invite everyone or just pair off for an after film activity. That same routine can be done if you’re feeling gutsy and come alone, but I don’t recommend going with just one other person as you wouldn’t want them to end up feeling uncomfortable if you hit it off with someone early on.


See a free movie, bring bug spray, snacks, drinks and leave your car at home.

Lists of Outdoor Films, Concerts & Theatres:


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