Hey I live in Columbia, MD and this summer I’m moving to Baltimore and I wanted to know a good place to move to. I can pay 400-550 a month for rent. I would not completely mind living in a somewhat sketchy area. I am going to UB so I need to be somewhere near there too.

“Somewhat” sketchy is a relative term but I’ll try…


Thanks to Baltimore Corporate Housing for the reference map.

If you’re living alone on this budget and don’t carry your expensive iProducts around at 3AM, I’d suggest Bolton Hill/Upton (listing example 1 & listing example 2)

If you’re living alone, want to save some cash, and don’t walk around at 3AM at all, you can try West Baltimore (listing example). A bike ride to UB wouldn’t be bad.

Most current listings for Remington are 2 bdrs but that’d be a great middle ground between the two and is close to UB. At $500 alone Mount Vernon, where UB is located, will be out of the question unless you get very lucky and Station North is starting to get very pricey, as well.

If you’re going in with one or two other people, your options are pretty much the entire city North of Pratt Street (except Roland Park) for a 2 bdrm at $1000/month or 3 bdrm for $1500/month. A general rule of thumb is the closer you are to Charles Street and/or I-83 the more expensive it is and the safer it is.

Shit happens everywhere though. I pay too much for rent for the illusion of safety and the ability to walk to work. Anyone else, feel free to chime in & visit Live Baltimore for more insight.

Oh & (almost) welcome to the city! 🙂 Check out my posts on Baltimore Newbies for stuff to do once you’ve arrive.


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