It’s a music festival in the middle of  White America, USA that brings traffic to a halt in the suburban town for the day. The three stages are filled with artists that regularly appear in Paste Magazine & on Brooklyn Vegan. But ya know, it’s free.

Bring a date?
I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you must, make it someone you’re very comfortable with because it’s probably going to be a rough day. No matter how good you look at noon, it’s pretty certain that come 11PM you won’t look or feel quite as fresh. If you bring someone that sucks, you’ll end up racking up a hefty food & drink bill, carrying around a blanket they requested that was never used, and annoyed with endless complaining, so think wisely or drive separately  Speaking of parking… it sucks but it’s free.

Find A Date?
Two years ago, I saw a random underaged & intoxicated young woman walk up to a random mildly attractive young man. She asked him to make out. He gladly obliged. So… there’s that.

You could pick up someone just by dancing at any stage and they’d probably never run into one another (or you again if you don’t want them to). If you pick someone up at the dance forest, they may not remember their name at the end of the day, yet alone the cute blonde they met so keep that in mind.

For a calmer atmosphere, get to know someone while in line for the Ferris Wheel and see a pretty sick view with your new found love interest.

Hipsters & people that aren’t sick of “Blurred Lines” come together over their love of free things (and music)—just don’t bring sand to this fucked up beach unless you’re pretty sold on them.

Tickets On-“Free” August 9th at Noon but pre-sale codes are everywhere.


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