Free party with music, food, and drinks outside the Science Center in the Harbor, then only $8 to check out the exhibits inside.

Schedule (5PM-8PM):
August 9 – Beatles tribute band The Lovely Rita’s
August 16 – New age indie-rock band Yo No Say

Bring  A Date?

Yes. Absolutely, yes. As the harbor is easily accessible via public transit, this makes a perfect cheap date for your first or your fiftieth. Just meet up straight from work! Plus getting to any neighborhood after the party is just as easy or you could opt to Otakon Cosplay Watch!

Pitch this date idea, I can almost guarantee that your date will be impressed. If they’re not, find a new date. Get bonus points by springing for an IMAX film or the Planetarium show, as well.

Find A Date?

I didn’t even know this was going on and I’ve already missed two! So, to be honest, I have no idea what the atmosphere is like and if it’s cohesive to picking up a date. So your mileage may vary but if you’ve been or go this weekend please report your findings!


Science + Alcohol + Music = Awesome


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