The Gatherings (not to be confused with the ICP music festival) started about two years ago and have become a regular thing. Endless options of incredible food at decent prices, plus live music & most conveniently near Circulator stops or at least in neighborhoods where you can make it a night out.

Bring A Date?

I have brought quite a few guys to The Gathering. Makes for a really low pressure first date plus you can judge them on their food truck choice.

On a personal note, I judge based on uniqueness. Don’t get a slice of cheese pizza when jerk chicken tacos or grits and bacon are options! Also, I like to see if a date can handle me devouring a bison burger like my life depends on it. If they stick around past that, we’re clearly meant to be.

If things go well, find the ice cream or cup cake truck or walk around the neighborhood. If they don’t go so well, it’s easy for your friends to “bump into you” since it’s such a casual setting and you can call it a night with the date early.

Find A Date?

Because of the growth of these events, they attract quite a lot of people and some lines (looking at you, Gypsy Queen) can get quite long. This is prime time to strike up a convo with someone waiting around for food. Be warned that a lot of people come paired off, and their counterpart may simply be getting food from another truck. If you’re uncertain, try approaching groups. Seating tends to be limited so it’s easy to ask to take a seat near some friendly people. 


You can learn a lot about a person from their food truck choice.


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