Charm City Farm & Garden Tour 2013

The Charm City Farm and Garden Tour is the only tour of Baltimore City urban farms and community gardens. By either bike or bus, you can explore the City’s hidden gardening gems. Followed by a picnic celebration including music, food, family games and arts, and a fruit and vegetable judging from participating gardens, your presence at this extraordinary event helps celebrate Baltimore’s unique and diverse communities. Come experience community gardening and local food movement in a day of exploration and excitement! 

Bring A Date?

I just found out about this but it looks pretty cool for the bike and grow your own food crowd. Seems like it’ll be slow paced enough for any kind of rider and the picnic after would be a great time to talk and picnic’s are adorable dates! Don’t bring someone that’s palate involves primarily McDoubles, this would be lost on them. 

Find A Date?

Not sure what the crowd is like but it’s pretty certain you’ll find someone with similar interests no matter what. Socializing at the picnic would be perfect for that and you’ll have the full night ahead of you since the tour starts at 8AM.


Early morning garden tour via bike or bus for your fellow crunchies—bond over veggies & your limited carbon footprint.

Price: $20-$25 | RSVP and questions to (410) 448-5663 ext. 128 or


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