THE 12 O’CLOCK BOYS at MICA – JAN 31 – $10.50

Normally, I don’t recommend movie dates because you can’t get to know one another in a room that you’re required to stay quiet but it’d be a crime for me not to mention this film.

If you bring a date, it will foster a great discussion about law enforcement, race, crime, poverty, media, and Baltimore. The cast & crew will also be speaking so you may be able to dazzle the crowd and lure a potential prospect with your insightful analysis & questioning.

Either way, it’s a Friday night and for most people way to damn cold for bike party so catch the film everyone’s been talking about for a few bucks then head to Mt. Royal Tavern and forget how cold it is out.

Tickets are likely to sell out so if you want to catch the film, you should buy tickets now.


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