If you haven’t had the chance to check out BFA, now is your chance to watch all the episodes and be social at the same time! If you don’t know what BFA is, well, it stands for “Baltimore. Friends. Art” and it’s a web series that takes place in Baltimore, starring Baltimore residents, filmed by a Baltimore cast and highlights the Baltimore arts scene in a fictional story, that could be any Baltimore art school kid’s story.

Bring A Date?
Grab a quick bite to eat from Sofie’s Crepes, then head over to Metro Gallery, because you’re going to be in Station North on a Friday night anyway. Pay a few bucks to watch all the episodes leading up to the Season Finale. Even though it’s technically a movie-ish date, the whole series is only an hour long so you’re not restricted from talking for too long. Follow it up with drinks and dancing and it’ll make for a good night.

Find A Date?
My favorite thing to do in situations like this is to come about 15 minutes before the screening and take a seat next to someone cute & sitting along or next to a group of people that look fun. You can introduce yourself and chat a little before the film starts then hang out after for drinks & dancing.

Bond over your shared MICA Painting Degrees


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