Movie screening for the documentary film about The Descendents—events like this rank high up there for places to find my favorite types of dudes (right up there with comic books & beer). Plus, we all know how much I love Ottobar.

Bring A Date?
If you’re both a fan of melodic hardcore and multiple hiatuses then this is the place to be on a Saturday night. Get a good seat & take a drink every time you see a Descedent tattoos, you’ll be wasted before the movie even starts.

Find A Date?
There’s a free comedy show upstairs with an all female cast before the documentary screening. You can scope out the room and invite a pretty girl/guy downstairs to watch the film. Be a gentleman/woman and pay—it’s only $8 a ticket.

Pro tip: Place an order into Joe Squared on your way up then pick it up for the movie. Most people don’t know that Ottobar allows you to bring food since they don’t have a kitchen. So with doors being at 8, you’ve got two full hours to hit on your fellow California skate punk fans, grab a seat next to the girl/boy with horn rimmed glasses and offer them up a slice of vegan pizza and a PBR.

Documentary tailor made exactly for kids that go to Ottobar.

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