Creative Mornings Baltimore
November 8, 8:30am – The Hall at 801 Park – FREE

This is a new monthly speakers series on Friday mornings. This month’s topic is on Bravery and features Erin Devaney discussing Maryland’s human rights initiatives. I went to the last event, it featured Jim Lucio of Artscape and other fame.

Bring A Date?
If you’ve got someone willing to wake up at 8AM with you when they don’t have to, you’ve already got a keeper. It’s a good way to show you’re capable of waking and functioning early if necessary, and maybe even fasciliting a hearty debate before work. If you’re one of the lucky ones that works late or not at all on Friday, you’ll be in Mount Vernon so get brunch afterwards.

Find A Date?
This is an event where ideas and creativity is felt in the air. Excellent for networking and building connections with like minded people over coffee and snacks from Dooby’s. There’s chances to socialize before & after the talk starts so ask an insightful question after the speaker finishes or walk up to the person that did and go from there. Get yourself a date for later that night or at the very least, you could make an awesome business connection with young, creative, Baltimore.

Networking for the artsy type.

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