Hey You, Come Back @ The Crown on 11/7 at 7PM

Hey you! Yeah, you listening to The Smiths on repeat. Have we got an event for you… “Hey You, Come Back!” is a bitter poetry reading at The Crown.

Bring A Date?
What a passive aggressive date. Poetry about jilted lovers could either start something on an awkward foot or end something in a very messy way. Either way, please come and entertain us with your drama. Or, maybe you’re one of those couples that are actually secure in your relationship. If so, we hate you.

Find A Date?
I saw Ryan Adams once, at one point he said, “I’m sure these girls down here with their dates are thinking, ‘Man, this guy cannot process his emotions.’” I’ve got a feeling this could go in that same direction. But, it would be a fanciful world wind romance while it lasts then go out in a poetic overemotional blaze of glory.

But really, this looks like it could be a good time. I’ve seen poetry readings at Current. Not my cup of tea, all the time but definitely cool to check out once in a while, plus I’ve heard awesome things about The Crown’s food. I’ve been but haven’t eaten there yet.

Once you’re done take your newly acquired date to see the Descendents documentary at Ottobar on Saturday night.

We want a lover we don’t have to love.

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