So I have the basic concept of this: events held all over Station North. Events include improv, comedy, live music, etc. I, for the life of me, can’t figure out exactly how the passes work (not sure if those prices are per packs of 4 or 8 or per person) but I do know that you need a $3 button to attend performances and most tickets are about $10 per performance. There are also quite a few free events that only require the button.

Bring A Date?
It looks like your best best is to grab a festival pass and two more friends to make a cut double date over the 4 days for free but again not positive how that works. Besides that, it seems similar to Scapescape with events happening all over the area.

Find A Date?
Oh come on, this is an easy one. If you can’t pick up a date in Station North or at a Music Festival that is your problem.

Music & art in Station North, ya know, the usual.

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