Election Results Viewing Party

So, I know politics are one of those taboo topics for a first date but I must say that I once went on a first date with a guy that involved Presidential Debate Bingo at Liam’s and it was fantastic!

Bring a Date?

Since it takes a while for election results to trickle in, this doesn’t start til 8:30 so you have time to grab dinner if you want to make a night of it. Of course, you’ve got the entire avenue to pick from since it’s a Tuesday night. If this is a first date, you may want to make sure you’re both the type of open minded people that are willing to hear each other’s points of view (especially if they’re opposing). You may also want to make sure your date gives a damn about politics.

Find A Date?

Even if you don’t secure a date, if you’re without cable you get to catch the final Colbert Report at Eightbar over some beers. If you’re wearing your “I Voted” sticker around, you can always pick a fellow stickers individual up at A Rocket to Venus and bring them to Eightbar. If you head straight to Eightbar, and you’re worried about approaching someone and starting off with politics then when Cecil County’s votes are all locked in, tell the pretty guy or girl next to you a story about the last time you heard the phrase “The South Will Rise Again.”


Have some hate sex with a Republican.

P.S. – Don’t forget to vote for The Mobbie’s