Film Screening: Connected by Coffee

From their site:
“Connected by Coffee is a documentary film documenting a 1000-mile journey across Central America to show how coffee farmers and consumers can work together to create a more just world.”

Bring A Date?
I’m not a fan of simply the movie date but some of my best dates have started at The Charles. The bright side of this is you’ll have an entire date pre-planned. After the movie, there will be a discussion about conscious consumerism and fair trade which will let you get a better read on your date. During this discussion, you’ll also get coffee samples from Red Emma’s Thread Coffee and chocolate from Equal Exchange. Once that’s over, you can head back over to Red Emma’s and get bagels and vegan lox to wrap things up or fuel you up to keep on going.

Find A Date?
Since it starts with the movie, my advice is to bring your friends. After the film, find another group that looks like fun and head over to Red Emma’s or across the street to Lost City Diner and grab some vegan milkshakes! If you do come alone, speak up during the discussion or approach a person that did. Keep the day going from there in Mount Vernon or Station North.

Where does pumpkin spice come from?