The Art for Animals Show Opening presented by Bmore Vegan

So, it’s Black Friday, and you’ve already watched the news recaps of the trampled parents buying the Playstation 7 or whatever the kids are into these days. So what next? Well, you enjoy your day off, eat some turkey, take a nap then go to Art for Animals Show Opening!

Baltimore Vegan Drinks is hosting the art gallery opening to benefit winter care of the rescued animal residents at Burleigh Manor Animal Sanctuary, an Ellicott City based animal shelter.

All 10 artists are local works varies from oil on canvas to photography to watercolor to mixed media with crystals to acrylic on porcelain—all inspired from the animals at the Manor. Nothing says the holidays quite like mixed media with crystals or acrylic on porcelain!

Bring A Date?
Even if you can’t afford the art, you can pay the $20 donation to enjoy the vegan drinks and small bites. While you’re at it, be art critics for the night and talk about your favorite pieces in silly accents (or don’t, whatever. You know it’ll be fun). Grab one of the pieces your significant other really liked and surprised them for whatever gift giving holiday you may or may not celebrate.

Find A Date?
Art openings are one big mixer event. With the sponsor of the event being Baltimore Vegan Drinks, you’ll be in a room full of animal lovers and/or the health conscious. Take that and run with it. Talk about your pets, your favorite recipes, or even the art!

Oh, I must mention that there is a free ticket that doesn’t include the food/drink menu but really… who wants that ;-)?

Saving the animals one puppy portrait and herb infused vodka at a time.