Edgar Allen Poe House & Museum
203 North Amity Street
Baltimore, MD 21223

I’ve discussed Edgar Allan Poe’s House & Grave before for Halloween, but in honor of his 205th birthday, the house will have free admission from 11AM to 3:30PM on Jan 18 & 19.

Bring A Date?
Make it an Edgar Allen Poe themed day! The EAP grave site is at 515 West Fayette Street (open from 8AM til dusk). The Poe House is a little over a half mile west but you may want to grab a bike or car instead of walking, it’s not the best area. Dramatic readings of Poe’s work will be done throughout the day, so hang around long enough to to hear at least one then get yourself a Lyft out of there before sundown. After you’re done, head over to the Central Library and check out the Poe Collection. They’re opened til 5 both days. Head over to Annabelle Lee Tavern (the EAP themed bar) to end your day. 

Please make sure you find someone that is into EAP or they could get a little bored with your tour. It makes for an excellent, all day, cheap, or even free, date for anyone new to the city or for residents that never got around to checking out the landmarks.

Find A Date?
Just go to Annabelle Lee’s, pick up a date, then bring them to the Poe House. For your own safety, don’t go loitering around West Baltimore trying to find a date.

For when you’re sick of looking for John Waters & you still need your Baltimore weird celebrity fix.


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