FOLK N’ POTLUCK – January 25, 2014 5PM – 10PM at GALLERY CA

Bring A Date?
This is a low key Saturday night date. If it’s the first few dates you can meet up with them there and complain about having to bike in the weather. If you’re a few dates in you can make a day of it. Head to the grocery store in the afternoon and spend the rest of the day creating a dish together to bring.

Find A Date?
I imagine if something like Folk N’ Potluck appeals to you, you’re bound to find someone that also appeals to you. If you’re at a loss for words, ask a person of interest what they brought. You can tell a lot by the dish they bring. It’ll be a sway & nod kind of night with a cozy feel. So, taking someone home should be an easy sell (offer some leftovers) or at least taking them to Club Charles…

Pun-ny band names & homemade food.

P.S. – Don’t forget to RSVP for Dating IRL!


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