5/10 – CITY PAPER’S BREW FEST – $30 – 1PM – 5PM

This used to be in Broadway Square so I’m a bit concerned with it’s move to Power Plant Live! but they need more space. Looks like they’ll be no karaoke this year and no DJ Landis Expandis but the same DJ from last year will be back, DJ Batman.

Bring A Date?
It’s an event in which you can have 90 beer samples, gotta be careful bringing a date or at least pace yourself and get some food. Have the tacos at Leinenkugel, they’re fucking amazing (so are the fries). Parking is only $5 (but don’t do that). It’s a Saturday afternoon, take the circulator over/walk/bike/etc. You shouldn’t pay to get around Baltimore in the Spring. When you’re done drinking, you can still walk over to Fell’s Point if you haven’t gotten your fill or just catch a movie over at Landmark.

Find A Date?
This should be easy. Day drinking at Power Plant Live! doesn’t really require many tips. Just ask someone to tell you their favorite sample so far or after you’re all sauced up, go dancing. I’m not sure what the crowd will be like now that it’s there instead of in Fell’s but I’m sure you can find someone that interests you. If all else fails, just go hit on a bartender at Joe Squared or one of the people distributing beer. 

90 beer samples in Power Plant Live! hosted by City Paper


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