This is a pretty excellent way to spend a few hundred bucks. 7 classes at about 30 bucks a pop. If you’ve been meaning to take a class or learn something new, this might be a pretty big time investment but if you’ve ever seen a BIG show, you’ll know you’ll be learning from some excellent teachers.

Bring A Date?
This could be a class the two of you decide to take together, though if you’re going to sign up for a 7 week class, you should make sure you both intend to stick around for a while.

If you’re not up for such a commitment, check out BIG University for more opportunities.

Find A Date?
You should pay attention in class but how cute of a story is, “we met at an improv group!” Chat it up with someone cute and don’t let yourself let the moment slip away if you find someone you’re interested in. Class goes from 7PM to 9PM so ask them to go out after class or meet up for dinner before class (I suggest Johnny Rad’s).

Another, less obvious option is, doing new things makes you more interesting! Shocker, I know. So now you’ve got something new to add to your OkCupid profile and to talk about on your dates. Who knows, maybe you’ll even be funny!

Doing new things makes you more interesting. Interesting things make you attractive. You should do new things.


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