Maryland Film Festival

Maryland Film Fest is one of my favorite events of the year! Yeah, it’s just watching a bunch of movies, but the best part is the director/producer/cast Q&As afterwards. You can’t get that type of access at any old movie theater. Oh and most of the films are only $10.

Bring A Date?
Anyway, City Paper already put together a pretty comprehensive guide so no need for me to rehash on things but I will say this is the perfect all day date with breaks for lunch & dinner. You can do a lot of chatting while walking from one venue to another and when waiting for the film to start. Tent village has quick snacks for when you’re rushing from one film to another while you can get fancy at Tapas Teatro or B Bistro.

Or you can get dangerous and have a different date for every film you see. If you do, please send me a full run down because that sounds like a sitcom waiting to happen.

Find A Date?
I’ve done this. It’s tricky because there’s a lot of people from out of town so the best tactic is so to come alone & a little later when the theater is like half full (10 mins before or so) and sit next to someone that looks to be alone that you find attractive. Strike up a convo then ask them what they’re up to after the film. Most likely it’s a food break or another film. If it’s a food break, ask if they’d like some company or grab their phone number to meet up with them at Club Charles/The Crown/wherever later that night. So far this tactic has never let me down!

Movies, lots of them in some of the best neighborhoods in Baltimore.

All the info & films are on the MD Film Fest website.