Unrelated to the whole dating thing, are there any Baltimoronic events that you have enjoyed going to? Now that I’ve moved a lot closer to downtown, I kinda want to actually get out and do things.

My favorite activities in Baltimore happen in every other city but I love Baltimore more for it’s places & people rather than it’s events. I love trivia, karaoke, restaurant week, open mic comedy nights, farmers markets, food truck gatherings, and the concept of bike party (I don’t bike).

Also, the neighborhoods. I can spend an entire day in Fell’s Point, Hampden or Mount Vernon buying albums, hanging in bars, and eating food.

As for Baltimore specific events: Artscape, Pride & HonFest are cool but I can’t deal with standing in the hot sun for hours, so I never linger.

I’ve never been to Scapescape or Hampden Fest so maybe I’ll check those out this year as the temperature is much more manageable. (I’ll be posting about both in the next few weeks).

Maryland Film Fest is probably my favorite event all year. Though Halloween in the city is a close second. (I’ll post about that soon too!). Oh and Save Your Soul at Lith Hall if you’re down to dance. (Google it, I can’t find a proper link)


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