An Update On Dishcrawl

So we received an updated on my Dishcrawl post from the Baltimore Ambassador:

Before you go bashing Dishcrawl, you should try it! It’s a ton of fun! Ever have those restaurants you’ve passed millions of times and always tell yourself “one of these days…” Well, now is your time to try it out! OR maybe discover a great spot you never knew existed. ALSO, we sample 3 dishes from all 4 restaurants, not just 1 dish per place. For the Mt. Vernon crawl we sampled Rolling ocean sushi, shrimp tempura sushi and chocolate lasagna at XS, crab balls, potato skins, asparagus, grilled artichoke hearts and Prime Rib sliders at The Prime Rib, sweet pea risotto, seared scallops on a baguette with microgreens and a short rib with mushrooms and gravy on mashed potatoes at the 13th Floor AND vanilla bean creme brulee, chocolate flourless torte, and beer Ice cream at Owl Bar. If you love to eat, and so does your date, and you’re both feeling adventurous it’s an awesome night out.imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

To be clear, I was not dissing Dishcrawl, I simply said it was an event better suited for those looking for a date rather than spending the money to go with a date. It looks awesome! I’m just cheap & would have been more forgiving if the info provided here was provided before buying tickets, but hey, don’t take my word for it—give it a shot next time & share your experience.


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