Bring A Date?
I’m not one for the traditional dinner date, as I find them a little dull, but what a perfect little pre-planned date. I must say I am biased towards Sticky Rice though, it’s one of my favorite bars in the city. Not much to say here, catch a movie then head to Sticky Rice! There is a traditional sushi place right around the corner from Landmark but it won’t be quite as fun as Sticky Rice!

Since it can’t be combined with other promotions, probably best to make it an afternoon as Sticky usually has promos at night such as Sushi Heaven (half price sushi) on Monday nights and is super crowded on Thursday nights for Blingo. It’s only a half mile straight down Aliceanna so convenient for  biking, walking or taking the circular if you’re feeling lazy.

Find A Date?
This is a bit trickier. If it was food first then movie, you could snag yourself a companion for the movie but since it’s other way around, I’d recommend my tried & true method of bring a bunch of friends to the movies (don’t be obnoxious in the film or see a movie so bad/old no one else is in there!). Head over to Sticky Rice after, get ten percent off your check and make some new friends while you’re at it. You could find a date to try the whole movie thing again later. 

Keep in mind, Landmark is similar price to most area theatre, despite it’s full bar, so you could just hang in there until you see someone that you want to chat with. Not sure how effective this will be but worth a shot, right?

If your date is offended you used a coupon, you should ditch that date.


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