So A Cute Dude/Dudette Comments on a Friend’s Post on Facebook or Twitter. Should you go for it?


  • Vetting system (you usually have a mutual friend or two that can vouch for the character of the person)
  • You know they’re real(ish)
  • You can see (tagged) pics of the person in their element and get a better view of what they’re into (and look like) not just what they want you to see to seem dateable.
  • Much more difficult for them to do the fadeaway.


  • Some people may be annoyed/creeped out being “approach” on a site not intended for dating.
  • If you fall flat on your face, above said mutual friend(s) will hear about it.
  • There’s added pressure to do that whole “Facebook Official” thing.
  • Baggage often comes with mutual friends (see: incestuous friend circles…)
  • Much more difficult for you to do the fadeaway.

I have never done the blind Facebook pursuit but I’ve had it done to me a few times (and I was cool with it). If you’re going to use Facebook or Twitter as an online dating website, treat your pages as such:


  • No pics of questionable nature especially with others girls/guys.
  • Unlike a dating site, your wall is visible so if you’re hitting on multiple people, try to keep it strictly through messages and move it off-line quickly.
  • It’s one thing to be dating other people, it’s another for them all to see each other.
  • Be prepared to get jealous constantly.

My stance is, do what you’ve gotta do for a date but if there’s a likelihood that you could meet this person in real life instead of on Facebook, do it! I’m sure you’re much more charming off the internet. Next time your friend throws a party, ask them to invite the girl/guy you’ve been eyeing up or throw a party and tell guests to bring friends. 

Don’t let the internet replace real life.

P.S. – Apps exist for this reason. (See Zoosk or Are You Interested?)


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