I’m a 25 year old girl and I’m always weary of dating men in their 30s bc I’m afraid they’ve been single so long for a reason… what do you think?

I will admit, I’ve occasionally thought the same thing but anecdotally, I’ve dated countless guys in their 30s. I find that they’re just as commitmentphobic as men in their 20s (which I assume is your worry). I know that probably doesn’t help but at least you won’t have to eliminate an entire decade from your dating pool?

Men in your 30s that are “still” single, please chime in because when it boils down to it, this lovely lady just wants to know, “Why are you still single?”


jayunsplanet said: Who’s to say that they’ve been “single” for so long. They could have been in a long-term relationship that started in their 20’s and ended in their 30’s.. #NotInMy30s

*Edit: I believe single refers to never married rather than not in a relationship.


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