Yesterday, I posted about what to do on Thanksgiving Eve, so here’s some tips for the day after. I can’t say I’ve ever done this but I’ve scoured the internet and here are the best tips I’ve come across.

Bringing The Date?

  • Ask yourself what is the likelihood that you’ll be bringing that same person next year (or even in 4 weeks for Christmas)? If you won’t, don’t bring them.
  • Start bringing up this person a few weeks prior to the holiday so it’s not a complete surprise
  • Brief your date on each family member and what they should/should not say to them. In some family, politics and religion aren’t off-limits. In some families, it can get real racist/sexist/etc. after a few drinks
  • Be an adult: bring a dish & get a hotel (use the, “I want to give space for the relatives excuse” instead of the “I want to get laid” excuse)

Being The Date?

  • Don’t try too hard, but still appear to give a shit.
  • Don’t argue with a woman’s father or a man’s mother
  • Compliment the woman’s mother and flatter the man’s father
  • Don’t be afraid to jump in on a conversation or lend a hand in the kitchen
  • Don’t over eat or over drink unless encouraged to by the family


  • Get the “how we met” story straight (especially if you met on Grindr…)


As for when it’s appropriate to do this: I posted an entry inquiring to people about it. The consensus is a long as fucking possible.

Honestly, my “relationships” don’t get anywhere near this far so please chime in with your tips?


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