If you’re like us the thought of spending full weekends bouncing around from big-box to big-box fighting highway traffic and the stroller patrol makes you want to overdose on egg nog. But shopping can be incredibly easy if you know where to go. Below are six great choices (in no particular order) for shopping, and if you’re diligent and not too picky you can likely knock out most of your list in any one location.

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I always love it when The Baltimore Chop saves me from having to write a post.

Going Christmas shopping on the first few dates seems a little intense but it’s always adorable for a couple (as is wrapping presents). I’ll make a doing “Christmas shit together” post later (I dropped the ball on a “doing Fall shit” together post).

If you choose to shop with a date, these places won’t result in either party flipping in the fuck out half way through from the sensory overload. You won’t be able to get a Cinnabon BUT you will be able to go directly to the bar post shopping (priorities, people…)

I gave up on mall shopping long ago (and Black Friday) so all my my gifts are free tickets I would’ve gotten anyway, kitchy shit from Hampden for “those friends”, Soundgarden for “those friends” & Amazon for the normal ones…


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