So I did a nice unscientific search through OkCupid, the data was compared to the data in my first post. Of course, most are willing to date outside of the city bounds, but the choice to do 5 miles is because it encompasses almost all of Baltimore City and that’s a good place for comparison.

Though men outnumber women 4 to 1, about one third more women are joining on a weekly basis than men. Only about 2% of single men and less than 1% of single women in Baltimore are on OkCupid currently. (Though I don’t think I, personally, have any male friends NOT on OkCupid, but we are the target demo).

I will say, I had to actually check to make sure I included ages up to 44 because they are severely underrepresented. I saw a few women but barely any men in the upper age bracket.

Stick around for a post with my own stats

How’s your luck been on OkCupid?


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