Yes, you are getting drunk at the zoo (don’t get all embarrassing, that’s not cute). Yes, it is awesome.

Bring A Date?
This is one of my go to dates every year (along with Brew at the Zoo). Get there early because the lines at the vendors build up really fast & you want to be able to get your drink on with your little sample cups. Once you’ve built up a nice buzz, head over to see the animals before the zoo closes for the day (at 4). Skip the little shuttle ride to the zoo & walk the length to the entrance holding hands. It sounds lame but it’s cute, I swear. Every year I forget that you can’t stay at the concert part the whole time because the zoo closes the same time as the event is over.

Find A Date?
Your best shot is to get there early, grab a seat in the grass next to a fun look group, then find someone to stroll the zoo with around 2. Earlier in the day, the zoo is filled with families so no shot there.

There’s a free shuttle ride to the zoo from Penn Station which makes it accessible without having to drive (though parking is free and abundant)!

Drink in the zoo!

(Part of Baltimore Beer Week)


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