Like most folks with a predilection toward the exquisitely handmade, we tend to lament (loudly, after a few drinks) the general lack of DIY know-how these days. Lucky for us, the folks at MAKE TRIBE are on a mission that just might shut us up (quite a feat). Their latest can’t-miss venture features two of our favorite things: leather goods and craft cocktails. Hang out at Readyluck Studios and sip cocktails from Baltimore area artisanal hotspot RYE next Thursday, September 19 while learning to make your own hand-bound leather notebooks. Put another way: get tipsy enough to complain about the state of handmade arts, while picking up the skills to prove yourself wrong. We know, we know— we can’t believe how cool it is, either. Get more info here.

Summed up way better than I could.

Dudes, if you find a single woman here, she’s a keeper. Women if you suggest this as a date you’ll be a goddess in his eyes—especially if you want to get progressive and spring for the $49.50 a pop price tag!


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