Sunday, September 15th – 10AM to 4PM
FiveX3 Training Gym @ 1400 Aliceanna Street

Talk about a unique date idea! Unfortunately, it’s too late to enter but not too late to watch this all go down. 

Bring A Date?
Head down to Fell’s Point to watch badass chicks pull cars. That’s right, pull fucking cars! They do other stuff too but if there’s one good reason to get up early on a Sunday, other than brunch, it’s to watch people pull cars! It’ll be a long day to watch the entire contest but you can take a break at one of the many restaurants in the neighborhood and get a much deserved mimosa. It’s pretty much a given that anyone will think this date suggestion is ridiculous & awesome!

Find A Date?
Chances are, anyone in attendance will be into fitness, so like the tunnel race, you should probably keep that in mind. If you can’t handle a strong women this is absolutely not the place for you to pick up a date. If you’re down to hang with a chick that can kick your ass, then strike up a conversation with the spectators or the congratulate the contestants. If you strike out, take a fitness class Fivex3 and if you’re the proper gender begin training for next year.

Chicks. Pulling. Cars.
All to benefit Susan Cohan Colon Cancer Foundation.


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