This is awesome! In case you don’t know who Post Typography is… it’s some of the dudes from Baltimore band Double Dagger‘s graphic design company. Sidenote: if you haven’t checked out their documentary about the Baltimore Music Scene, “If We Shout Loud Enough” you should ASAP.

At this event, you’ll be able to buy screenprinted posters from tons of shows/bands/etc. plus Double Dagger merch. A portion of the proceeds go to Wide Angle Media.

This is a great place to get a gift for those that grew up going to church basement shows, Charm City Art Space and Ten Car Pile Up (is that even a thing anymore?). Excellent date suggestion for a first or fiftieth date and furthermore, if you meet someone here they’re likely to be pretty cool.

And you’re already right next to Ottobar so grab a bite afterwards at Meet 27 then go see Anthony Green play you some songs.


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