Guess what! It’s time (again) for DMV tumblarians to meet up and YOU’RE INVITED.

On SUNDAY, DECEMBER 15, Jenny and I will be hanging out in Hampden (Baltimore), consuming beer (maybe tequila), talking about books, and waxing lyrical about tumblr. Here are some deets to help you join us:

  • WHO: As Kate likes to say, “You. Librarian & non-librarian tumblr friends alike.”
  • WHEN: I already said this, but I’ll say it again. Sunday, December 15 at 2pm
  • WHERE, pt. 1: Eightbar in Atomic Books for brews and books
  • WHERE, pt. 2: Holy Frijoles for sweet sweet black beans and tacos (and maybe tequila, please someone drink tequila with me)
  • WHERE, pt. 3: Miracle on 34th Street to check out the magical wonderland of Christmas lights

I would love to meet all of you and hang out like there’s no tomorrow. So do it. Put this on your calendar. It’ll be great.

(additionally, I will probably be live tumblin’ this so you’ll be able to find us. I promise. You can also message me and I’ll send you my phone number if you want.)

I back this. Let’s party! See you there 😉



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