Bring A Date?
This is a Baltimore tradition that I’ve never made it to but it’s a pretty sweet deal, $55 (per night) for unlimited beer and a “munchies” buffet, plus a free shuttle and three rooms for dancing. For those that have decided they’d like to bring rockabilly back, this is for you. Take your girl out dancing. If you’ve ever been to Save Your Soul at Lith Hall, you know that room gets hot & muggy quite quickly so be prepared to not look your best after the first 45 minutes.

Find A Date?
Being in a room with hot and sweaty people is a bit invigorating. The attendees range in age from 20s to 60s and that’s amazing! Dozens of Elvis cover bands and no repeating songs means you’ll be bound to know quite a few so grab a pretty guy/doll and ask em to dance! 

Pro-tip: This would be an awesome party to bring your mom or dad to or get them a pair of tix for an early Christmas gift.

Get all shook up! (Mm mm oh, oh, yeah, yeah!)


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