Bring A Date?
This is tricky. If you’re going to do so, you should arrive together because parking is awful and trying to find someone among the crowd is near impossible. If you don’t live within walking/biking distance, it’s going to be a difficult journey for you…

In the past I’ve had the privilege of dating someone who’s company headquarters was right at the park so food and drink aplenty! If you don’t have such luck then I’d suggest making friends quickly or get super fancy with jazz and dinner at The Engineer’s Club

Find A Date?
This is where it gets fun. You’ve got so many options. Though this event tends to have lots of families and couples, you can always identify the single people because they’ve all brought way more beer with them than necessary. If you plan to tough it out outside, identify that group of people and make friends. 

If you’d rather stay warm, my suggestion is to shell out $5 and head over to Peabody Court Hotel because they have a view from the 13th Floor of the building, live jazz, and a cash bar! Additional (free) options are the Walthers Museum or The Maryland Historic Society, but you’ll have to go outside to see the lighting & the fireworks. Apparently you can see the lighting from The 13th Floor also but i’s $30 anyway. After the monument lighting, you can go to any bar in Mount Vernon and keep the party going (Midtown BBQ has karaoke!).

I just like any excuse to see fireworks!


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