I’m not 100% sure when this became a thing but it’s a thing now. Drinking & painting in Baltimore have popped up all over the city and the phenomenon baffles me and the companies just keep on popping up. I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while but a specific event caught my eye enough to be post worthy.


Hard Rock Cafe is hosting Wine & Canvas with a KISS theme. You’re even encouraged to dress up! So, that should be interesting…

Bring A Date?

All these painting events run about 2-3 hours, provide the supplies and cost between $30 to $50, on average (though there are always Local Deals). Drinks not included in cost (but most venues have specials).

So with that all being said, does painting and drinking really make for a good date? On paper, I’d say yes because art & alcohol always makes for, if not anything else, an interesting date but I’ve never considered painting to be much of a social activity. It’s like sitting next to someone and reading a book. Even if you’re reading the same book, you’re doing your own thing, they’re doing their own thing and maybe once in a while you’ll remark on a funny line. It’s why book clubs discuss the book after not read next to each other.

I have yet to go to one of these painting and drinking activities so perhaps everyone isn’t sitting around silently attempting to make a masterpiece. Maybe it is a more jovial event. Anyone that has been, I’d love to hear about your experiences?

Either way, while I’m all about events where the entire focus isn’t on your date or your beer, this may be a bit too distracting for the first few date nights. Save this for date three or beyond as something to mix things up a bit.

Find A Date?

As for finding a date? Better grab a seat next to someone cute when  you arrive, because, most likely, you’ll be sitting in the same place for a few hours.  Some of them seem to have breaks, and of course there’s getting up to go get a drink, so maybe that’ll be when you make your move.


Because most poorly funded elementary school classes would’ve been even more fun with alcohol.



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