Bring A Date?
This looks like it’ll be a blast! A drag fashion show that is a qualifier for Miss Gay Maryland America. I’ve never seen a show but from what I’ve seen at Pride, these women can work it! Also, my first week living in the city, I met Araya Sparxx (out of drag)!

At only $8 a pop, this would be a great time for anyone regardless of their orientation. Doors aren’t til 10 & Club Hippo doesn’t serve food so hang in the neighborhood early (especially if you want to park). I would suggest making a night of it: getting all dolled up & head to The Owl Bar first. Then, of course, spend the rest of the night dancing at The Hippo!

Find A Date?
Get a table! Bring friends! Get (semi-)rowdy! This is the type of event where everyone will want to be around the people having the most fun. So embrace that! This probably isn’t the event for the introverted but you I’m sure you could make that cute shy thing work ;).

As with most places in Mount Vernon, you’ll probably have to figure out if said person you’ve got your eye on likes whatever parts you’ve got. I know that The Hippo, though a gay bar, attracts tons of straight people and everyone is very open either way to whatever you’re bringing to the table.

A drag show from the city that brought you Divine. 


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