What Is Dishcrawl?
So this is a thing… Apparently, on August 21st at 7PM strangers will be meeting up in Mount Vernon to basically do a restaurant crawl in which all food is covered by your ticket. The crawl involves 4 restaurants and you do not find them out until after you can no longer get a refund which is 48 hrs before the event.

Dishcrawl is a startup company that organizes said events all over the country. A previous crawl has taken place in April in the Canton area.

Bring A Date?
Alright, so, I’m a bit skeptical. Tickets are $45 a person. Bringing a date will run you $100 after tip (if it’s not included) and adult beverages don’t seem to be included either. I’m not sure if this is fixed menu (they do have veggie eater options) but I do worry what the caliber of the restaurants will be. From photos online it looks to be quite a foodie event but I could grab an entree from 4 of the best restaurants in Mount Vernon for under $45 if I tried…

I would say if you want to go on a foodie adventure, make up your own food crawl in the neighborhood on a Saturday afternoon. If you really want to impress your date, plan it all to go and eat in the park instead with a few beers or a bottle of wine.

Find A Date?
Now, I can get behind this. It appears this would make an awesome singles event. Just sit next to the person you are most intrigued by and strike up a conversation. This would also be excellent for someone new in the area. Not sure if this attracts couples or singles but couples would have awesome single friends that probably enjoy cool stuff like food hopping.

Food crawl for the singles, great idea for the coupled to steal.


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