“How To Eat Meat” Opening Reception

So I’ve never been to a book opening, but how awesome & fancy does that sound?! Even cooler than the chicness of a book reception is the concept of this one, specifically. This is a photo documentary about the current food system through the eyes of Clementine, a Northern Baltimore sustainable restaurant (that I really want to try—on a related note, I also really want to try out Maggie’s Farm). The book is a project from Dana M. Chang, a MICA student.

Bring A Date?
Clementine will be catering the event so you’ll be fed, plus there is a full bar. Parking is available or you can grab a the #19 bus out of downtown in a straight shot. It’ll be a great atmosphere to get to know someone and the topic will bring about vibrant discussion and a way to discover your date’s values in an interesting way.

Find A Date?
I imagine there will be some very intelligent people discussing food, sustainability, politics, and economics in a rustic, meat filled, cozy setting. That is what (my) dreams are made of. If that’s not a turn on, I don’t know what is.

Support local everything & buy a book that is bound to strike up a conversation when it’s sitting on your coffee table.


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