Will you hate us if we call it a Kittenpalooza?

August 29th (a Thursday) from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM is a kitten adoption frenzy at the Mt Vernon Pet Valu store. Kittens! Kittens!  And more kittens!

Kittens not your thing? Come anyhow and find out more about the other adoptable cats (and dogs) BARCS has. Talk to the volunteers and see if your perfect feline is out there waiting for you.

Find the application here.

Click here for directions to the store.

As always, you can ask us anything!

Bring A Date?

I read a butt load of books about relationships, and many warn women of not being too obsessed with pets & little kids walking by as to not look desperate for marriage & kids. Fuck those books. If you like kitties, you like kitties—same if you’re a dude. Pick out a kitty with your date and then wander around the store picking out the best accessories for your new family member. If the date goes well you can head back to your place and find the best place to put the litter box together.

Find A Date?

Clearly, you know anyone there is a pet person, like you, so that helps. Ask them for help or a suggestion. If you can’t find someone looking for a pet, you can always hit on your nice store associate that is helping you pick out your pet. Or, just adopt a dog from BARCS then wander around the neighborhood to make a love connection.

Buy that bitch a kitty. Bitches love kitties.


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