This is the less annoying (and usually less humid) version of Hon Fest with Hampden Idol, Toilet Bowl Races, a Mac n Cheese bake off, a waiter race and lots of music.

Bring A Date?
Yeah! Getting to see someone’s choice in kitschy gift, odd carnival like foods, and local musicians speaks volumes… Not really, but walking around with someone else gives you tons of time to chat & get to know one another. The countless options for food drink & entertainment doesn’t hurt either.

Find A Date?
Everything going on makes for good conversation starters! This is also the type of event where everyone is super friendly and down to chat from the vendors to the patrons. Find your favorite set, shop or restaurant and chat with someone nearby, hopefully they’re into whatever it is also. If not, tell them about it anyway!

Also, Hampden Fest ends around 6 so you can make it down to The Shindig if you strike out.

Wandering around the avenue, with less hons & more fun! (Sorry, that was lame…)


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