Bring A Date?
Mind you, the idea of running through a tunnel with no cars is very post apocalyptic and awesome, but you have to be pretty comfortable with yourself and/or your date to get all sweaty with them. Put on your best “I have to get sweaty, but still not look terrible” clothing and beat your date’s time. Loser buys brunch.

Find A Date?
This isn’t the type of thing you should fake interest in. The combination of physical exertion, advanced training, and waking up super early on a Sunday means that if you actually do pick up a date you’ll have to explain why you’re not keen to go jogging around the neighborhood before breakfast the following weekend…

If this is your usual thing, then ya know, just roll with that. That’s impressive enough in and of itself. There’s a reception afterwards where everyone can chat or you can stretch someone out before the race to really help get their blood moving, if ya know what I mean 😉

Extreme dating! Or just donate some money to The Special Olympics to benefit the race and lay in bed this weekend recovering from The Shindig & Hampdenfest.

P.S. – You can register on-site day of for $35 if you’re not quite ready to make the commitment in advance.


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