Halloween Comic Fest

Bring A Date?
Wake up Saturday morning around 9AM, find someplace where you can still get a brunch reservation, text that guy/girl you met last night. Plan to meet at 11. Park on Falls Road because parking on The Avenue on Saturday morning isn’t worth the effort. Walk over to Atomic Books. They’re giving away a dozen free comic books for Halloween Comicfest! Not only can you get free comic books, you can also pregame your brunch with mimosas and donuts from Eightbar. Once comics have been acquired, proceed to brunch as regularly scheduled.

Find A Date?
Get there early to grab the comics you want. Grab a seat in Eightbar next to someone that catches your eye and discuss what you picked up, especially is it’s the My Little Pony comic… If you’re a Free Comic Book Day regular chat about what you grabbed in last year’s haul while you buy your new friend a mimosa. Pick up a couple of regular priced comics (which are 20% off) then ask your date to join you next door at Celebrated Summer to pick out some records to match. By this point, you’ll work up an appetite which means brunch! If all goes well, make it an all day date and head to True Vine or to one of the thrift stores to continue collecting.

Champagne and comic books, your mom would be proud.