Here’s a step-by-step guide on what to do:

  1. Pick a neighborhood where the bars are all open… which is pretty much everyone in Baltimore. Bonus points if it’s your neighborhood,
  2. Put on pajamas or bring pajamas with you.
  3. Make the person come to you, or go to them (if you have to drive, make sure you go before the snow starts).
  4. Get food.
  5. A lot of food.
  6. And alcohol (and hot chocolate/tea) to go.
  7. Go back to anywhere with Netflix & a bed.
  8. Get in the bed. Insert level of physical contact appropriate for the state of your relationship.
  9. Watch things on Netflix.
  10. Repeat steps 4 to 9 til the snow stops or until someone falls asleep.

Or you can actually go out in the snow (snowman, snowball fight, sledding, etc.). I don’t have a step by step guide for that because being cold isn’t my idea of a good time. I mean, look at that pic. Go have a blast out there, though, kids!

P.S. – Make some snow icecream!


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