If it’s a first date and my attraction level is a 9, I try to plan a date at least 2.25 miles away from either of our neighborhoods (or at least mine). This is about the distance between Joe Squared Station North & Golden West in Hampden.

If it’s a second date and my attraction level is an 8, I try to plan a date at least 1 mile away. This is about the distance between Nacho Mama’s in Canton Square & Bad Decisions in Patterson Park.

The type of dudes I’m into wouldn’t give a crap if any part of me were not shaved but playing the transportation game (where to put the bike, where to park, etc.) is much more daunting. If nothing else, having the distance to get home gives me time to think things through and slow things down. 

This is obviously not a hard and fast rule for me because I’d rather go to an event than a dinner/bar date anyway (obviously) and I actually prefer guys to plan dates (shocker, I know).

I’m not here to tell anyone when or whether to do anything—nor do I support games or arbitrary rules. I’m just sharing this as a little personal guideline because for me, the easiest way for me to not move faster than I’d like is to mitigate the option for a while.

Oh and yes, ranking a guy’s attraction level by number is shallow but I did it for science.

I can’t be the only one that’s ever said, “Oh, he’s too good looking for us to go out in my neighborhood.”


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